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Wed, 02/26/14, 02:00:00 PM

“Beauty Meets Brains” As Bigcommerce Next Helps 50,000 Merchants Re-Imagine Commerce

The release adds over 20 new features to the Bigcommerce platform, including Single Click Apps - an app store integrated directly into Bigcommerce. Other key features include a theme store with dozens of beautiful store designs, a new blogging engine, store management apps for iOS and Android, Stripe payments integration, Google Trusted Stores support, Bigcommerce University and more.

Bigcommerce Next extends the power (or "brains") that Bigcommerce is known for, coupled with a meticulous focus on design and ease-of use (or "beauty") that allows newer merchants to launch a beautiful online store in 30 minutes or less.

"With Bigcommerce Next we've placed a huge focus on two things - expanding the capabilities of our platform with Single Click Apps and increasing conversion rates for our merchants with blogging and dozens of new store designs that have been extensively optimized for conversion," said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

"Our Single Click Apps make it easy for merchants to add new capabilities to their store in a single click, without ever leaving Bigcommerce. For example, they can easily add Point Of Sale capabilities by installing the Zing Checkout app or social incentives by installing the JustUno app. Think of it as iTunes for commerce. What Salesforce did for CRM and Facebook did for social media, we're doing for commerce," added Mitchell Harper, co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

Standout features of Bigcommerce Next include:

  • Single Click Apps, our integrated app store that allows merchants to add capabilities to their store via third party apps in a single click

  • A new theme store with dozens of store designs that are not only visually stunning, but are also responsive and highly optimized for conversion

  • A new blogging engine which makes it easy for merchants to publish a blog that's automatically optimized for search engines like Google and Bing

  • Mobile store management apps for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones and tablets which lets merchants get order notifications, update products and see real-time store performance metrics on the go

  • One click integration with Stripe for payments - enables merchants to accept payments in seconds vs the traditional method of 2-4 week delays with payment gateways and banks

  • Google Trusted stores integration to increase conversion rate for shoppers that arrive via any of the Google properties, including paid search and Google Shopping

  • A step-by-step marketing wizard called Traffic Engine which teaches merchants how to drive demand to their stores using Google, blogs, social media, email marketing and more

  • A revamped checkout experience that has been designed to optimize conversion at each step of the process, all the way from the cart to the order confirmation screen

  • Bigcommerce University, a comprehensive video-based learning experience that teaches merchants how to sell more using Bigcommerce and online marketing

Bigcommerce Next is available today for all 50,000 Bigcommerce merchants. A 15-day free trial is available for merchants wanting to try the new release at