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Mon, 10/05/15, 05:00:00 AM

Bigcommerce and Square Bring Online and Offline Storefronts Together to Help Businesses Grow

New integration reduces complexity and improves customer experience by simplifying inventory management across sales channels

AUSTIN, Texas — October 5, 2015Bigcommerce today announced it is now offering retailers real-time inventory synchronization and automatic product catalog import from Square to their online store.

This market-leading integration enables growing retailers to expand their businesses by making products available to customers worldwide via a fully-customizable online store, as well as makes managing inventory across both online and in a physical store much more efficient.

According to a recent industry survey of small and medium business owners, 50 percent of retail businesses spend more than 3 hours each week syncing their online and offline orders and inventory, while 10 percent spend more than 10 hours each week.

“I saved 100 hours of manual work by importing my Square inventory to Bigcommerce. With that type of efficiency, you can have your online store up and running in less than a day,” said Alex Head, owner of Drink Dispatch. “The integration allows for inventory continuity and a better customer experience, which are necessities when you’re offering your customers options like one-hour delivery.”

Once merchants connect Square with Bigcommerce, they don’t have to worry about overselling because inventory levels adjust after every sale. Through unified reporting, merchants gain a single view of inventory, allowing them to see what products are available, running low or needing reordering. Business owners are also able to manually adjust stock levels through the Bigcommerce control panel and have it update automatically in Square.

Through the integration, Bigcommerce and Square customers are able to:

  • Increase sales by expanding their business beyond physical retail and point of sale locations

  • Reduce complexity of managing inventory across multiple sales channels

  • Avoid poor customer experiences created by overselling and cancelled orders

  • Eliminate the need for manual bookkeeping across multiple sales channels

Bigcommerce and Square will also deliver functionality that enables online sellers to sync their inventory to Square for in-person transactions. Availability is expected this quarter; interested merchants can register to receive updates at

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