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Wed, 03/07/18, 03:00:00 PM

BigCommerce Introduces New Google Shopping Campaign Management Solution

Integrated solution streamlines Google Shopping product feeds and delivers automated campaign creation

AUSTIN, Texas – March 6, 2018 – BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced it is offering merchants access to a new Google Shopping integration, powered by Sales & Orders. Through the integration, BigCommerce merchants will have the ability to easily configure and generate product data feeds for Google Shopping as well as automatically optimize Google Adwords campaigns directly within the BigCommerce control panel, saving merchants time, optimizing ad spend and improving sales and conversion rates.

“We know retailers face two major problems when they want to advertise on Google Shopping — getting products from their store into Google’s Merchant Center, and efficiently managing their campaigns with the ultimate goal of driving profitable revenue,” said Gregg Hanan, president at Sales & Orders. “Our free app removes the complicated first-step barriers to entry so that merchants have access to an easy-to-implement, affordable route to listing products on the world's largest search engine.”

By seamlessly connecting high-intent shoppers with the products they want to purchase at the exact moment of desire, Google Shopping provides ecommerce merchants a cost-effective solution for driving relevant store traffic. A 2018 study from Sales & Orders found that retailers using Google Shopping saw an 80% increase in total clicks and a 43% increase in conversions in Q4 2017, as compared to Q4 20161.

Through Google Shopping by Sales & Orders, BigCommerce merchants will have access to robust functionality, including:

  • Automated feed creation. Merchants can sync their BigCommerce catalog to their Merchant Center account in just a few minutes, and take a hands-off approach to the initial set-up of their feed for use in Google Shopping campaigns.

  • Feed diagnostics reporting. The ability to access feed- and item-level error reports enables merchants to quickly diagnose account issues and prioritize vital listing attributes in need of correction.

  • Feed inventory management. Merchants can select exactly which products they wish to send to Google Merchant Center, as well as filter groups of products to either add or remove from their feed.

  • Product modification. Utilizing a simple, rule-based system, Apparel & Accessories merchants will be able to map required gender and age group attributes for Google Shopping should they not have them pre-set in their store.

  • Google category mapping. By taking unique attributes from a merchant’s BigCommerce store and dynamically mapping them to Google-approved feed attributes, merchants can improve the visibility and performance potential of Shopping ads.

  • Shopping campaign creation. Through Sales & Orders’ exclusive Easy Campaign Creator tool, merchants can have effective, product-level Google Shopping campaigns built automatically for them, as well as the ability to edit base campaign settings. 

“In close partnership with Google and Sales & Orders, we are committed to providing merchants the industry’s best and most cost-effective tools to generate sales through Google’s suite of commerce solutions,” said Russell Klein, chief development officer at BigCommerce. “Through our integration, merchants now have a frictionless way to not only list their product catalog in Google Shopping, but extract additional advertising and campaign management value through Sales & Orders’ robust app functionality.”

Existing BigCommerce merchants that move their Google Shopping campaign management to Sales & Orders have access to discounted rates, and first-time users will receive a credit towards implementing a new ad campaign. For more information about BigCommerce’s partnership with Sales & Orders, and to learn how the integration can enhance your business sales on Google Shopping, BigCommerce, Sales & Orders and Google will be hosting a webinar Wednesday, March 14 at 1:00 pm CT. To register, visit

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