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Wed, 02/12/14, 02:00:00 PM

Bigcommerce Launches First Ever “Single Click” App Store for Commerce

Bigcommerce, the world's fastest growing commerce platform, today announced the launch of Single Click Apps™, a new app store that integrates directly into the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform. This is a first amongst commerce platforms and allows Bigcommerce's 50,000+ merchants to quickly and easily add capabilities to their online stores, choosing from a variety of apps that can be installed in a single click.

"Our Single Click Apps make it easy for merchants to add new capabilities to their store in a single click, without ever leaving Bigcommerce. For example, they can easily add Point Of Sale capabilities by installing the Zing Checkout app or social incentives by installing the JustUno app. Think of it as iTunes for commerce. What Salesforce did for CRM and Facebook did for social media, we're doing for commerce," said Mitchell Harper, co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

"Our 3,000 development partners are critical to our success and we're excited to give them a platform on which to build amazing apps and generate significant revenue. For paid apps, 70% of revenue goes directly to the developer. We've built a whole new way for developers to monetize their skills around commerce and apps and the uptake so far has been incredible," added Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

For Bigcommerce merchants, a beautiful launch bar gives them instant access to access the app store. They can search for apps, browse by category, read reviews from other merchants and manage the various apps they've already installed. All without leaving Bigcommerce.

The new Bigcommerce Single Click App store has completely removed the complex process of installing apps. What used to be a burdensome process of signing up to multiple different apps, copying and pasting integration code and logging into dozens of different browser screens has been replaced with a single click.

For developers looking to build Single Click Apps on the Bigcommerce platform, a complete developer portal makes it easy to learn how to build apps, submit them for approval and see how often they are installed and how much revenue they've generated. Developers can build apps in record time using SDKs available for Ruby, PHP, C# and Node.js.

Over 150 apps are available to help merchants drive more shoppers to their online stores via search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and email marketing. Apps are also available to integrate Bigcommerce stores with other software and systems used to run a business, such as Point Of Sale, inventory management, merchandising fulfillment and analytics tools.

The Single Click App Store is available today for all 50,000 Bigcommerce merchants and 3,000 development partners. A 15-day free trial is available for merchants wanting to try the new release at