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Mon, 09/29/14, 01:00:00 PM

Bigcommerce Launches Real-Time Analytics To Drive New Revenue Opportunities for Merchants

SAN FRANCISCO — September 29, 2014 — Bigcommerce, the ecommerce platform of choice for fast-growing brands, today launched a new real-time analytics solution that removes the guesswork from running an online business. Bigcommerce Analytics takes capabilities previously only available to large enterprises and provides them at a cost-effective price point for small- and medium-sized merchants. The powerful reporting tool delivers the marketing, merchandising, and transaction data retailers need to make informed decisions and grow their revenues faster.

Comprehensive analytics has typically been available only to enterprise retailers with multi-million dollar budgets, huge data warehouse systems and internal technology teams. By utilizing the transaction and catalog data Bigcommerce retailers already have access to, Bigcommerce Analytics delivers critical information including best selling products, popular categories, average order value (AOV), purchase funnel analysis, abandoned carts, category-level merchandising and customer acquisition insights.

Paul Yoo, president and COO of U.S. Patriot Tactical: “With Bigcommerce Analytics, I can track customers individually at the user-level – something I couldn’t accomplish with Google Analytics. This will help U.S. Patriot Tactical build stronger relationships with customers and improve our level of service.”

Key features of Bigcommerce Analytics:

  • Actionable customer-level insights: The dashboard makes it easy to keep tabs on the real-time metrics that matter most, including orders, conversions and merchandising.

  • One place to measure marketing and social media: Detailed analysis on which marketing campaigns are generating the strongest results.

  • Information on dynamic merchandising inputs: Merchants can instantly see what products are selling based on promotions, email and social media channels.

  • Inventory optimization data: Merchants can optimize inventory based on current sales data, instead of old forecasts, to make smarter decisions regarding markdowns and promotions.

  • Identification of most promising customers: Merchants can better analyze and understand the behavior of returning customers, as well as former shoppers who have gone quiet – and then execute targeted campaigns to drive higher conversions.

  • Lost revenue recovery: Merchants see how shoppers are moving through their sites, identifying potential roadblocks and opportunities to streamline the purchase experience to reduce cart abandonment.

“The largest and most successful retailers know that data-driven insight is the secret to creating new revenue opportunities,” said Tim Schulz, SVP of product at Bigcommerce. “Bigcommerce Analytics brings a level of customer insight that was previously only available for the largest brands at a significantly higher price point. Bigcommerce is bringing enterprise-grade technology to Main Street retailers at a price point designed for SMBs.”

Bigcommerce Analytics is currently in beta with general availability expected in October. For more information, visit: