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Wed, 09/13/17, 02:30:00 PM

BigCommerce Simplifies Ecommerce Platform Migration with New Catalog Transfer Apps

Free tools allow online retailers to move product catalogs from Magento, Shopify and Volusion in minutes, not days

AUSTIN, Texas — September 13, 2017 — BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for established and fast-growth brands, today announced new tools to assist online retailers with the task of migrating data between ecommerce platforms. The suite of free Catalog Transfer Apps allows merchants currently selling on alternative ecommerce platforms to easily import critical product catalog assets and customer data to BigCommerce in a matter of minutes, reducing the cost and time associated with migrating.

“Switching ecommerce platforms can create significant costs and complexity for businesses, and our desire is to make customers’ experience moving to BigCommerce as fast and convenient as possible,” said Paul Vaillancourt, senior vice president of customer success at BigCommerce. “Merchants don’t want to be bogged down in highly-technical data migration projects, nor do they want to rely on a third-party to ensure critical business data is appropriately transferred between platforms. These self-serve tools will enable retailers and their partners to instead focus on building great shopping experiences for their customers.”

Built by BigCommerce’s in-house team of replatforming specialists, the Catalog Transfer Apps enable merchants to self-migrate data from their online store to BigCommerce, including up to 10,000 products/SKUs and 30 different types of data. For businesses with larger catalogs, BigCommerce also offers custom migration services.

According to a survey conducted by Internet Retailer, more than 72 percent of merchants plan to switch ecommerce platforms by the end of 2018. For merchants switching to BigCommerce, the Catalog Transfer Apps provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Simplified replatforming. Free, automated tools greatly simplify replatforming, saving time and money by reducing the time required to move critical business data to minutes, not days. Using the Catalog Transfer Apps, businesses’ existing online stores remain fully functional throughout the replatforming process, minimizing downtime and revenue impact.

  • Try before you buy. Combined with BigCommerce’s 15-day free trial, businesses can quickly assess how their products and workflows translate on the platform with no risk or associated cost.

  • World-class support and expertise. Unlike similar tools built by third-party providers, the Catalog Transfer Apps are purpose built by an in-house team of replatforming specialists with more than 20,000 completed store migrations, and maintained 24/7 by BigCommerce’s U.S.-based team.

Catalog Transfer Apps for Magento, Shopify and Volusion are available starting today in the BigCommerce App Marketplace for no cost. Support for additional platforms is expected by end of year. For more information, visit: