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Tue, 03/07/17, 03:00:00 PM

Fast-Growing Health and Beauty Brands Select BigCommerce to Power Digital Channels

BPI Sports, Design Essentials and Osmotics Cosmeceuticals find success online with BigCommerce Enterprise

AUSTIN, Texas — March 7, 2017 — BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced health and beauty retailers BPI Sports, Design Essentials and Osmotics Cosmeceuticals have selected and successfully migrated their online stores to BigCommerce Enterprise. Health and Beauty, a $300 billion industry according to estimates from the US Department of Commerce, remains one of the fastest-growing ecommerce categories with online sales rising 17% YoY in 2016 to $28 billion globally1. With BigCommerce, brands are seeing more site traffic, higher sales conversion and increased mobile optimization compared to other platform providers. 

“We went from a home grown platform over to BigCommerce and immediately our conversion rate almost doubled — and that made the revenue jump significantly.” said Shawn Tyler, Ecommerce Director at BPI Sports. “Overall, we had 207% increase in revenue and a 71% increase in ecommerce conversion rate.”

Considered one of the largest supplement companies in the market, BPI Sports found its initial success by selling through brick-and-mortar retail channels. When the company decided to increase direct-to-consumer efforts, it left their custom ecommerce platform for BigCommerce Enterprise in December. “For a company growing as quickly as we are, it’s just not possible to scale on a custom platform that requires extensive in-house development resources for even the most minor site update or addition,” said Bill Maroulis, digital strategy director of BPI Sports. “With all its out-of-the-box tools and functionality, BigCommerce allowed us to stop playing catch up and start growing our ecommerce presence in a targeted and efficient way.”

Design Essentials, a leader in hair care products for women, chose BigCommerce Enterprise over Shopify after an extensive comparison of the two platforms, citing the platform’s reliability and reputation amongst leading mid-market retailers as the key factors in the decision. “My family started Design Essentials nearly 30 years ago and have no intention of going away anytime soon. We needed an ecommerce platform that had the capability to grow with us long term,” said Sholanda Armstrong, digital marketing director at Design Essentials. “With BigCommerce, we were able to develop a site that’s current, easy-to-navigate, and allows the customer to experience our brand in a way previously not possible. What I wasn’t expecting was the immediate lift we had in mobile conversion - we’ve seen a 68% increase since migrating over to BigCommerce in January.”

For more than two decades, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals has been a leading provider of cosmeceutical treatments for skin and hair. The company made the decision to switch to BigCommerce Enterprise to help optimize sales across channels and modernize the brand. Within two months, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals saw a 46% jump in mobile traffic and more than 23% of sales originating from mobile devices, compared to less than 5% in 2016. “Our previous site just wasn’t optimized for mobile, and as a result, we were losing a significant amount of traffic,” said Jill DeGroot-Schulke, ecommerce and digital marketing manager at Osmotics Cosmeceuticals. “Through its back-end flexibility, easy-to-manage tools and modern design tools, BigCommerce gave us the ability to refresh our site in a way that brings that personalized customer experience online, better positioning our brand for sustained online growth.”

“In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough for retailers to simply have an ecommerce site; they need a compelling site that can inspire brand loyalty among their consumers,” said Tod Klubnik, senior vice president of global sales at BigCommerce. “As such, retailers like BPI Sports, Design Essentials and Osmotics Cosmeceuticals are increasingly turning to BigCommerce for the platform’s ease-of-use, modern site design, configurability and conversion tools. As a result, they have seen significant uptick in revenue and mobile conversion at a quarter of the cost of other platforms.”

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